Area of Performance


In line with all the areas described, CRT Law Firm can deliver a complete advisory to organizations with a multidisciplinary methodology fulfilling all needs through skilled and experienced professionals throughout administrative and court procedures.


CRT Law Firm offers a solid experience in various government bids and is prepared to enhance internal division of its clients or give exclusive full support acting on preparation, prevention and dispute related subjects at administrative or court aspects.


CRT Firm Law is capable of corporate and private advisory covering a huge range of areas of practice that may affect organizations and their executives such as civil responsibility, real state, succession law, etc…


CRT Law Firm has capable and experienced professionals for this area, enabling full advisory in every phase of any means of transportation such as, but not limited to road, rail, sea etc… or their combination in intermodal developments and related players like ship owners, brokers, charterers, freight forwarders, terminals, etc…


CRT Firm Law´s advisory grants full support to organizations regarding city, state and national legislation including the perception of incentives and other related subjects.

Consistent legal advisory offered under administrative or court procedures in order to ease organization insertion into local environment without legal offenses which can result in substantial penalties.


CRT Firm Law counts with vast experienced professionals skilled in technical and graduated levels offering a structure, specially to Insurance Companies, for complete interaction with client´s staff, without any harm to quality and information flow to their management needs.


CRT Law Firm can act on administrative or legal procedures granting a complete advisory on the area of patent and trademark practice.

A complete and integrated staff grants full access to all related areas such as but not limited to computer programs, plant breeder and variety rights, genetically modified organisms (GMO´s), etc…


This is one of the most rewarded areas considering the multidisciplinary team of professionals. Their interaction produces an ever updated analysis of all organizational aspects considering the necessary involvement of civil law, patent, intellectual rights, environment protection, labor, etc… keeping the organization day to day life ahead of problems, granting safe decisions beforehand.


CRT Law Firm works on prevention as well as on legal procedures when necessary, bringing its effects to a minimum, even through effective negotiation with counterparties.


CRT Law Firm acts on prevention through a tax planning to be implemented keeping in mind a result oriented via administrative or court procedures. Actions on reintegration of tax paid based on Brazilian´s Constitution.

There is also the possibility of tax recovery and credit absorption by third parties. CRT Law Firm can be responsible for tax administration and negotiation.


CRT Firm Law counts with skilled professionals to provide advisory to organizations in the area of rental, purchase, etc…


CRT Firm Law is able to provide full support on Tax Law (writ, preventing, compensatory, etc…); Commercial Law (debt collection, protest, etc…); Real State; Civil Law; Labor Law; Environmental Law; International Law; Intellectual Law;


Any modern organization must be involved and constantly anticipating consumer needs not only on the commercial/marketing side, but also the legal aspects of its relationship with clients and other consumer`s protection organizations as well.

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