About Us

CRT ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS Law Firm ( www.crtadvogados.com ) has developed since its foundation, an endless search for fast-efficient answers to clients, resulting confidence and effectiveness.

CRT Law Firm is oriented on a multidisciplinary basis, counting on professionals with the necessary skills to attend clients and their specific needs, without causing any harm to internal and external interaction for proper answers
and results.

The professionals that represent CRT Law Firm have solid legal experience and count with the support of other professionals like economists, accountants etc…, making sure that all aspects of every case presented are dealt with the necessary attention and professionalism a modern organization requires.

CRT Law Firm can offer an external only legal office or be in addition to internal professionals to attend the specific structure of clients. In both cases this will generate efficiency and effectiveness.

CRT Law Firm attends directly to any professional need in both states Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo and through liaisons with a structure of representative offices in most of Brazil´s State Capitals, at Unites States of America ( Washington and Florida ) and Mercosul countries.

This structure results in a solid cost effective multidisciplinary yet specific coverage for the legal issues of modern organizations, saving time and resources of clients.

CRT Law Firm is co-founder of REDEJUR (www.redejur.com.br) whereas one of Law Firm´s partner was elected vice-president of the organization. REDEJUR is a Corporate Law Firm´s Association which was created to provide the associates with nationwide services, structure and information in order to enhance professional effectiveness and excellence of its members and their clients.

The diversity of clients reflects not only the multidisciplinary team work but also the specialization effectiveness of CRT Law Firm´s professionals covering the areas of practice listed below.

Av. Rio Branco n 143, 14 andar, Centro, Rio de Janeiro,CEP.: 20.040-006 - Brasil